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We’re looking for a few good pitching arms for today’s Geo Quiz.

Finding a good throwing arm in India’s most populous state shouldn’t be too difficult. There are more than 190 million people living there. Many are passionate about playing cricket — which requires a strong throwing arm.

Major League baseball scouts recently discovered a couple of track athletes living there in northern India. These two teenaged javelin throwers have now made it from this Indian state on the border with Nepal…all the way to Florida and the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Spring training camp.

They have a lot to learn. Just think — in addition to mastering a fastball …they have to learn the meaning of “3 strikes and you’re out”, and “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

“They’re picking up all the cliches and are ready for all the media interviews they’ll have to do.” (Kyle Stark, Pittsburgh Pirates Player Development Coach)

Can you name of the northern Indian state that’s home to these aspiring Major League pitchers?

Time now to take a swing at our Geo Quiz. We’re looking for the name of the state in India that’s home to two teenage track and field athletes. Ringku Singh and Dinish Patel are very good at throwing the javelin…so good that the Pittsburgh Pirates are trying them out on the pitchers mound.

The two Indian pitching prospects are from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Rinku SinghRinku Singh

Listen to our interview with Kyle Stark, director of Player Development for the Pittsburg Pirates about how the two pitchers are doing at spring training:

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