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Today’s Geo Quiz — is a par seven. Managing risk can be a tricky business. Lloyd’s of London has famously insured jewelry worn by movie stars at the Oscars.

A Dutch wine taster insured his nose to protect his livelihood.

Heck there’s even someone who insured his tongue. There are also insurance companies that specialize in hole-in-one policies.

These protect amateur golf tournaments where there’s a hefty cash prize for anyone making a hole-in-one.

Here’s our favorite hole in one.

A Scottish golfer named Fergus Muir used a hickory shafted putter from the tee on a windy day at St Andrews Golf Course.

The ball rolled into the cup at the 5th hole – a 375 yard hole-in-one! It was a heck of a putt.

It will hopefully inspire you to take a swing at our Geo Quiz question:

Of all the golf course in the world — where’s the longest hole?

There’s no insurance policy required to try your hand at our Geo Quiz today’s was a par seven question. We wanted to know –which golf course boasts the longest hole.

It’s nowhere to be found among the more than 16,000 golf courses here in the US. Instead, this one’s in central Japan.

The Satsuki Golf Course is located in the city of Sano in Tochigi prefecture, Japan.

The 7th hole is a killer. It’s whopping 964-yards down the fairway… a par 7.

Sano, Japan is the answer.

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