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Now from rainwater to ocean water for today’s Geo Quiz.

We’re looking for one of the five major oceans…but, we have to admit, it’s not entirely certain that the answer is an official ocean. Geographers disagree on the matter. Some say, absolutely yes.

Amundsen Sea: Amundsen Sea glaciers are fracturing as they race alongAmundsen Sea: Amundsen Sea glaciers are fracturing as they race alongOthers say the waters of this ocean are actually part of the South Pacific, the South Atlantic, and the Indian Oceans. It also encompasses the Amundsen Sea, the Ross Sea, parts of the Drake Passage, and the Weddell Sea. True believers call this the fourth largest of the five major oceans.

Crossing it can be quite a challenge:

?We’ve left the icebergs behind us in Antarctic and all around us are huge waves, this is one of the roughest oceans in the world, and our ship is rocking up and down and also at times side to side as we try to get thru these waves.?

Here’s one last clue…a southern port on this ocean is at McMurdo Station.

We’ll visit and name the ocean once and for all…

We’re chasing a Japanese whaling ship for today’s Geo Quiz.

Actually environmental activists from Greenpeace are doing the chasing.

Their ship is tailing a Japanese whaling vessel.

They say the Japanese are “illegally killing whales.”

The Southern SeaThe Southern SeaThe BBC’s Jonah Fisher is aboard the Greenpeace ship and the answer to our Geo Quiz is the Southern Ocean.

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