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Let your nose be your guide for today’s Geo Quiz. There’s a uniquely flavorful cheese that’s made in southwestern France.

It’s a pungent blue cheese – some go so far as to call it a stinking good cheese.

France considers it a national treasure. In fact they call it “le roi des fromages” – the king of cheeses.

The secret to its unique taste is where its made. And so we’re looking for the name of a French farming village. It’s home to about 600 residents plus several dozen flocks of sheep.


But this quaint village is world famous. A hint: it shares its name with its cheese.

“It’s a small French village with a nice church dating from the 12th century its has only one street, and above the village you have a high cliff and under this high cliff are all the cellars where the cheeses ripen.”

So try and name the southwestern French town whose name is synonymous with its cheesy gastronomical wonder.

We won’t raise a stink about it if you don’t.

The answer is just ahead…

Today’s Geo Quiz sent us in search of a village in southwestern France.

Roquefort: photo Dominik HundhammerRoquefort: photo Dominik Hundhammer

Farmers there have been making what they call “the king of cheeses” there for centuries.

The answer is Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, or Roquefort for short. In its last days in office, the Bush administration took action to retaliate again

st a European Union ban on US hormone-treated beef. It imposed a 100 percent duty, a tariff, on a long list of European products, but imposed a 300 percent tariff on Roquefort cheese.

The World’s Adeline Sire has the story.

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