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Help wanted for today’s Geo Quiz.

There’s a job open for caretaker of a chain of islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Tourism Queensland’s says the successful applicant would live in a rent-free three-bedroom villa on Hamilton Island complete with pool.

Sounds pretty good right?

Tourism operator Anthony Hayes says the job may sound like paradise but there’s more than meets the eye:

“I think this person’s going to be very busy, its going to be pretty good fun, but I think they’ll be flat out for the 6 months. We’re looking for a great communicator somebody who really knows how to not just to talk about the pretty scenery and its a beautiful part of the world but to really talk about the Queensland lifestyle, and what makes us tick and why were a perfect place to come for a holiday.”

So to help you get started with your job application we want you to name this chain of islands located in and around the Great Barrier Reef.


The small islands have names like Bird Island, Dumbell Island, Hook Island, Plum Pudding Island and Daydream Island …But we want the name of this chain of islands….

Time to answer our Geo Quiz now. Tourism Queensland has posted what they say is the “best job in the world”.

Heron IslandHeron Island

They’re looking for an island caretaker to promote tourism on 900 islands. The successful candidate will have to write a weekly blog to help generate a buzz about the islands in and around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The only catch is you have to move to Hamilton Island. It’s one of the Whitsunday Islands. And Australia’s Whitsunday Islands are the answer to our Geo Quiz.

So if you like blue water and white sandy beeches what’s not to like about this job? Queensland tourism executive Anthony Hayes says you should apply:

“Applications have to come in via a video application and they have to send us a one-minute application why they think they would be the perfect person.”

Sure there are a lot of people out of work these days but not just anyone can pull up stakes and relocate to a remote tropical island in the southern hemisphere. BBC reporter Treeva Fenwick went out in search of a few good candidates.

“Sounds fantastic weather would be great! Sounds perfect – I think I’m too old when you’re 60 you don’t think about moving. Why not there might be a catch to it if and if you didn’t like it your stuck.”

On the other hand — being stuck near the Great Barrier Reef isn’t so bad. It’s the world’s largest coral reef system – it’s warm all year round and the job offers flexible work hours.

Maybe you should look into it.

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