The first round Of the NBA draft and World Cup update

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Not all college graduates are struggling to find jobs this year. The 2010 NBA Draft was last night and the Washington Wizards were given the first pick. The Wizards surprised no one when they used their first pick to choose John Wall, from the University of Kentucky. Other college players who graduated to the pros last night included Evan Turner, who went to Philadephia, Derrick Favors, who was picked by the Nets, and Wesley Johnson, who will be joining the Timberwolves.

Takeaway sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin gives us his picks for the winners and losers of the draft. He says the big winners of last night were the Nets, T-wolves, and 76ers. Ibrahim says the Utah Jazz, on the other hand, didn’t make out too well with Gordon Hayward.

Ibrahim also takes a look at the World Cup. Defending world champions Italy are out after losing 3-2 to Slovakia last night. What does this mean for Team USA’s chances of going all the way? We’ll take a look at tomorrow’s game against Ghana.

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