The FBI’s most wanted list turns 60

The World

The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List turns 60 years old this month. Thomas Holden, a noted bank and train robber who killed his wife and her two brothers was the very first man to be put on the top-ten list back on March 14th, 1950. A little over a year later, Holden was arrested after a citizen reported his whereabouts after seeing his picture on a most wanted poster. FBI historian, Dr. John Fox, talks about the history and impact the list has had over our society for the past 60 years, and how the FBI plans to adapt it for the 21st century.

Ken Hoffman who is the Unit Chief over the Investigative Publicity Unit at FBI Headquarters talks about the ways the FBI is using new technology, including Facebook and Twitter, to help capture criminals.

Click through the slideshow below to see historical photos from the FBI:

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