Elections in Iran

The World

For the final weeks of an election season, Iran shows little election excitement, partly because signs or billboard with candidates faces were banned. It’s just one of many measures which so called reformist candidates claim give the incumbents an advantage. This leading figure of the opposition appeared at a rally to denounce such measures. This is a poor city dealing with the sting of Iran’s inflation and unemployment and they treated the opposition figure like a rock star. The leader denied his party was supported by the US and says the current government’s hardline rhetoric is giving the US an excuse to stay in the region. But he focused more on internal politics and lashed out against the government for disqualifying opposition candidates. This candidate never thought he would be disqualified. The hardliners’ majority is still guaranteed even if the reformers win all the races they’re competing in, and that’s far from certain. Upon reflection, not all in that city had confidence that the reformists would be better than the current hardliners. That man likes the way the current government is standing up to America, but many more Iranians appear frustrated that neither party really improves their lives. all of the major politicians have urged a big turnout to the polls, because Iranians politicians want to brag that their voter turnout is higher than an American election.

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