Computer attacks from China

The World

Frank Wolf isn’t once to mince words about China’s human rights record. Wolf thinks his actions and words have made him a target from China and he’s detailed a cyberattack his office suffered in 2006: a source from China hacked into our computers. Not long after Wolf spoke, Congressman Chris Smith made a similar claim. These are the latest in a series of cyberattacks that seem to be coming from China. last year, France, Germany and Britain complained that the Chinese military hacked into their systems, and the Pentagon made similar claims as well. More recently, the US Commerce Secretary’s laptop was compromised during a trip to China. This security consulting company says China is ahead of us in a cyber technology race. There are still a lot of questions about the purported attacks on the House computers: who exactly is perpetrating the hacks? This analyst says the case is more clear cut: China has close control over their computing infrastructure so one can be sure that if an attack is coming out of China that the government is behind it. The Chinese government denies any involvement in such hackings.

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