Chinese-Americans aid quake victims

The World

Food is at the heart of Sichuanese culture. So it’s no surprise that this Sichuan restaurant has become the center of disaster relief and gathering of Chinese emigrants. There’s even a booth outside the restaurant for donations for the victims of the earthquake. This volunteer says in the last three days they’ve raised nearly $10,000 dollars, and behind her is an enormous poster with people helping with the rescue effort. LA Mayor stopped by a local Panda Express to commend the food chain, which is donating close to a million dollars for victims of the earthquake in China and the cyclone in Burma. Some of the money is going to this aid organization, whose CEO said his organization has been flooded with donations, and he expects as much as $10 million dollars. Back outside the earlier restaurant is this man who arrived from a city near the epicenter of the earthquake. He says his family’s home is completely destroyed.

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