China imprisons human rights activist

The World

The Chinese state media’s unhappiness with the Western media’s coverage of the Olympic protest has been getting stronger and on the streets of Beijing, this 22 year old student has heard it. Some young Chinese have gone so far as to post the phone numbers of Western journalists who have written on these topics lately. Some such journalists have been inundated with so many phone calls they’ve had to change numbers, and one even received death threats. Message boards on the internet have also expressed anger over Western coverage. Some Chinese people may feel wronged by the Western coverage of the Olympics, but they’re forming their opinion from Chinese state media which has told them repeatedly that the Western media coverage is biased and unfair. This 38 year old hi tech worker says he doesn’t know what to believe. The government is keeping more things hidden as well, according to this analyst. He says getting information on political crimes is more and more difficult. He tried to intervene on behalf of Hu Jia, a political prisoner sentenced today. he says he hasn’t seen the Chinese government take this tough a line since the Tiananmen protest.

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