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This cheese hunter, recently returned from Belgium, says he was amazed at what he found: for example the Belgium cheese is out of this world. It was only this fall that he began to import these masterpiece goat cheeses from Belgium, but he says they brake the mold of the traditional Belgian goat cheese. He also talks about the relationship that one cheesemaker in Belgium had with his sheep, which adds a quality to the cheeses. He says there’s a groundswell of such attentive cheesemakers in Belgium and they’re shaking up what was once a state industry. According to him at least, they’re also crafting some of the world’s highest quality cheeses. He says what’s happening in Belgium reminds him of what’s happening at home. He says the U.S. had a quiet cheese industry and then all of a sudden these young people jumped in and started making these wonderful cheeses. He describes these young cheese makers as shy and lacking business savvy. He says that would never happen in France.

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