Bulldozer rampage in Jerusalem

The World

It was a scene straight out of a horror film. The bulldozer driver was a contractor working on a site right off of a main street. At around noon he ran amock. First he flattened a couple cars and then he scooped up a car and began driving down the street, ramming one city bus and tossing another to the sidewalk. Security guards began charging towards the mayhem and began shooting at him, and then two guards jumped into the cab to wrestle control away from the driver and they failed so he charged forward. Cops started shooting at him again. At the scene, this spokesman said there was no way to prepare for such an attack. Police are treating this as a terrorist attack, but others believe otherwise. What makes it difficult is that the bulldozer driver was an apparently ordinary man. There’s likely to be a strong reaction and a new bill was proposed which would revoke the citizenship of Arab Israelis involved in terrorist attacks, and Ehud Olmert’s cabinet also said it wanted revenge.

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