Attack strains India-Pakistan relations

The World

(If this program which has been so lauded goes well for years longer, the U.S. has to continue funding it. to what extent is the U.S. aware of this potential long term commitment?) I think the people who are applauding this program from the level of the taxpayer, I think people are aware we’re treating this as an emergency and responding immediately. But I don’t think people are aware of the long term implications. (How much could be saved by the fact that the cost of anti retrovirals, or ARVs, is going down?) The more people are on ARVs and the more they spread through erratic health systems, the more we’re going to get resistance. (PEPFAR spends money on prevention and is that money having any effect?) It’s not having any measurable effect. These are programs concerning abstinence for example. (What has Obama said about where he would take PEPFAR?) Obama has made a clear commitment to science and evidence based programming in all of his approaches to health including HIV. I think his approach will be based more in reality than ideology and morality.

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