Who would win a World Idol competition?

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Thousands of Gazans gave an ecstatic welcome to Mohammed Assaf on Tuesday as he returned home after winning this year's Arab Idol talent competition.

The 23-year-old Palestinian was declared winner of the reality singing contest on Saturday in Beirut.

Tuesday, his motorcade made its way up the Gaza Strip after crossing the Rafah border from Egypt. Assaf's songs blasted from loudspeakers as crowds thronged his motorcade, according to AFP.

He's good. See for yourself:

But would he win a World Idol competition?

In 2003, they actually held one of these. Winners from various national Idol shows competed against each other in the UK on Christmas Day.

Norwegian Kurt Nilsen won:

The show has been developed in 46 regions of the world since it first aired in the UK in 2001.

There are now 203 winners worldwide, of which Palestinian Mohammed Assaf is the most recent.

So what if they held a World Idol competition today? Below is a sampling of recent winners from around the world. Check them out and let us know who you think would win in the comments below.

1) Regina Ivanova, 2012 Indonesian Idol winner:

2) Sophie-Tith Charvet, 2012 French Idol ("Nouvelle Star") winner:

3) Sona Rubenyan, 2012 Armenian Idol ("Hay Superstar") winner:

4) Stan Walker, 2009 Australian Idol winner:

5) Everton Silva, Brazil's 2012 Idol ("Idolos") winner:

6) Ya Suy, 2013 Vietnam Idol winner:

7) Khaya Mthethwa, 2012 South Africa's Idol winner:

8) Moses Obi-Adigwe, 2013 Nigerian Idol winner:

9) Martha Heredia, 2009 Latin American Idol winner:

10) And let's not forget Mohammed Assaf, the 23-year-old Palestinian whose win has brought an unprecedented outpouring of joy across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip:

Who would win? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.