Syrian Revolution "At Tipping Point"

The World
The United Nations envoy to Syria said Tuesday that the country is at a "tipping point." Kofi Annan made the statement after meeting with Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, in Damascus. Annan said he conveyed to Assad the grave concern of the international community over the ongoing violence in Syria. That includes the massacre of more than 100 civilians – many of them children – in the town of Houla last week. A report by the U-N Human Rights Office Tuesday said most of the victims were shot at close range. The Syrian government denies any responsibility for the masscre. But the U.S., Britain, and other western nations have now taken the extraordinary diplomatic step of expelling Syrian ambassadors and other senior diplomats. Martin Chulov, of Britain's Guardian newspaper, tells anchor Marco Werman that the West has no stomach for a military intervention. Chulov says Assad may call their bluff.
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