A March Madness Primer

The Takeaway
Sports Illustrated called it the greatest college basketball ever played. It took place in the NCAA basketball tournament 20 years ago.  With just moments left in the game Duke was trailing Kentucky by a point. Duke's Grant Hill threw a pass all the way down the length of the court to teammate Christian Laettner who put in a final jump shot as time ran out. Takeaway sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin remembers that moment well -- and he says it holds the key to understanding why March Madness is so special. Like British Prime Minister Cameron -- who got lessons in how to fill out his bracket from President Obama yesterday -- this week, the BBC's Dan Damon  is visiting New York. Here to give The Takeaway's guest host a crucial primer into the methods and magic behind March Madness is Ibrahim Abdul-Matin,  The Takeaway's sports contributor.
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