An Island Nation That Will Have 'No Friday'

The World

Samoa coast. (Photo: Teinesavaii/Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for an island nation that lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its two main islands are Upolu and Savaii. The government there isn't afraid to shake things up. It changed the rules of the road recently so that instead of driving on the right, American style, islanders drive on the theft like in Australia. Now it is going to switch its clocks. By moving forward 24 hours, these islands will officially by west of the international date line. The change is designed to make it easier to do business with Australia, New Zealand and Asian countries. However, moving the clocks forward means islanders will miss out on December 30. Samoa is the answer to the Geo Quiz. Anchor Marco Werman talks to reporter Rico Tupai to get more details.