Steve Jobs: iconoclast, innovator, design maverick

The Takeaway
The World
"Apple took us into a space where technology didn't have to be this rational thing," John Maeda  told The Takeaway.  "It could be an emotional thing –  a thing you could connect to as a person." Maeda, a world renowned graphic designer and visual artist, is president of the Rhode Island School of Design. Maeda cannot understate the influence of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on his life and career. He  fondly remembers his Apple II and his first Macintosh in 1984, which his MIT classmates derided as a "pansy computer." "I knew that computer was different," Maeda said. "It was making a statement." Maeda, along with Takeaway listener and former Apple store employee Adaliz Guzman, discuss how the iconoclastic innovator impacted their lives and the world around them.
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