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We're slowing down the news stream for today's Geo Quiz. Today marks the 144th anniversary of the death of President Abraham Lincoln. The news traveled in a matter of a day across the united states, but it took much much longer to reach the Europeans shores. And a European shore is what we're looking for. We want you to name the seaside fishing village whose telegraph station broke the news of Lincoln's death to Europe. The date was April 26th, 1865, a whole 11 days after President Lincoln's death. All we'll tell you is that this fishing village is on the northern coast of its country and that its population hovers around 500. So, your time, but not too much as we will back soon with the answer... Our Geo Quiz today focused on the news. Rather, how the news business worked 144 years ago. On April 15, 1865, the word was spreading about President Lincoln's assassination. He'd been shot the night before -- at a theater performance in Washington. He died early in the morning of the 15th. It took about a day for most Americans to get the news. The rest of the world didn't find out until about 11 days later. David Paul Nickles is a State Department historian and the author of "Under the Wire: How the Telegraph Changed Diplomacy." Listen to the interview: