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We're searching for a presidential town for today's Geo Quiz. Not Chicago --- where thousands of people gathered last night to hear President Elect Barack Obama give his victory speech. Not Washington -- where Obama promises to bring change. Not even Kogelo, Kenya where Obama's relatives and supporters cheered the first African American president. We're looking for a town in Japan. It's a town that's known for -- well, not a whole lot, except perhaps its locally manufactured chopsticks. Early on in Obama's campaign, the mayor sent the Senator a set of the town's lacquer chopsticks for good luck. So good luck naming this town that's celebrating Barack Obama's victory today. The answer's coming up... Time to answer our Geo Quiz. We were looking for a seaside town in Japan that's been paying particular attention to the US presidential election. The answer is Obama. Obama, Japan: photo TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty ImagesObama, Japan: photo TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images Here's The World's Patrick Cox:
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