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For today's Geo Quiz -- start by locating the Mediterranean. Finding the sea that splashes Europe, Africa and Asia should be easy. Now you have to zoom in to find a tiny Greek island. It's just north-west of the bigger island of Crete. Now, the tiny island we're looking for is best known for an ancient shipwreck that was discovered off its shores back more than a century ago. The device is a unique piece of ancient technologyThe device is a unique piece of ancient technologyThe ancient wreck yielded bronze statues and all sorts of ancient artifacts. One item resembled a mechanized clock. Some called it an ancient Greek computer. But archeologists didn't really know WHAT it was... until recently. We'll tell you more about the ancient device in a few minutes. First try and pinpoint the Greek Island where it was discovered. Time to answer our Geo Quiz now. We're were looking for the name of a tiny island in the Ionian Sea. The answer is the island of Antikythera. The island figures in some new scientific research as the World's David Leveille reports: