London ad campaign upsets South Carolina

The World
(The poster contains the line �South Carolina is so gay.� Was that your idea?) It was our company's idea. The goal was to run this idea during London's Pride Week and attract gay tourists. It's difficult to get people to pay attention to your posters, so we wanted to come up with something that would work. (What other cities were touted as gay?) We had five cities: Atlanta, Boston, Los Vegas, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. there are five government-funded tourist offices from each of those cities who were okay with using taxpayer dollars to promote gay tourists which is a lucrative market to lure them to those destinations. We came up with the slogan because it would get people's attention. (What were you trying to get across with the poster?) Well South Carolina was the hardest destination from our perspective because the other ones have more identifiable gay communities, are city destinations. South Carolina approached us and said they wanted to be a part of this. We investigated to make sure there was enough of a gay infrastructure to support gay tourist communities. (Some of the objections have come from the governor's office in South Carolina who has said using taxpayer's money to support a social agenda is inappropriate. Another Senator has also objected. Have you heard from either of them?) No, they haven't contacted us. This is not about politics, this is about increasing revenue and tourism. The headline is not unique to South Carolina, it's a hook.