Time capsule

The World
Is it just us, or did something actually happen last night? The popular vote and the delegates are officially out of reach for Senator Clinton. Wow. I got so used to the indecision and lack of clarity in these primaries that this whole foreseeable resolution thing is a little jarring. Let's open up the Fair Game time capsule. After the Pennsylvania primary, we gathered up all the rash predictions and hasty promises and sealed em up tight in this little jar. Just to see how things would look in the rear view mirror. So let's put some new stuff in here. Clinton and Obama speeches go in. A recording of Faith singing Free To Be You And Me in the shower this morning - which we will not play for you. And, of course, everyone calling the deal for Obama.Tim Russert, Chris Wallace, Bob Scheifer, Matt Lauer - everybody. So gentlemen and ladies, all of your sure-fire Obama predictions are in the capsule. Let's hope you were right.
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