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We're looking for the most densely populated region of southern Italy. This region includes the city of Naples. It's the home of some fine Italian wines and cheeses -- including mozzarella, especially the kind made from the milk of water buffalo. Italy's buffalo mozzarella is a specialty that's exported around the world. But recently, some international consumers have raised concerns. Today, France ordered its shops to stop selling mozzarella from this region. Health officials say they're worried the cheese may be contaminated with cancer-causing dioxin. But France later reversed the ban after getting assurances that it wasn't getting any of the affected cheese. The Italian government says it's taking additional action. It's ordered a recall of mozzarella from 25 producers in this region. The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Campania in southern Italy. The Italian government recently ordered a limited recall of buffalo mozzarella cheese from the region over fears that it might be contaminated with dioxin. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Campania-based food writer, Carla Capalbo.