Ford sells Jaguar to Tata

The World
(This strikes me as so funny, the ultimate British company is now owned by a former colony.) That's what makes it very sweet for Indians, a little bit of reverse colonialism, though Tata is not saying it that way. Indians are hailing the move and praising Tata and saying India has come of age in the global world. (Is this seen as a boost for the Indian economy overall?) Definitely and today we saw the Indian government showering praise on Tata for bringing India to the front of the global commerce world. (India is well seated in the world already, but with their range of cars, including their �People's Car,� which is said to be extremely inexpensive, Tata must feel it is flexing their muscle.) Absolutely, Tata has been growing over the years and forging ahead in every way they can. (Who will be able to afford a Jaguar or Land Rover in India?) You'd be surprised, there are Mercedes, BMWs, Ferraris, so I would not doubt that some very rich Indian businessmen would be buying them, but still not many people. (How's the traffic and carbon emissions in India?) Pretty bad, India has now overtaken China as the country with the most deaths on the road. So still a long way to go in terms of car etiquette.