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An interview series with Latin American and Latino thinkers, artists and innovators.  

Ceci Bastida

This Tijuana-born singer’s music is inspired by living in ‘the most violent era ever’


Ceci Bastida has made music in Mexico and the US, and her latest work is something of a heads-up to both. It focuses on the violence — gun violence, mass shootings — that are too common in both countries. But not all of her songs are quite that dark.

A scene from Purgatorio

This new documentary blurs the lines on the map to make a point about borders

Global Politics

Havana’s death metal pioneers bucked authority and made waves for their art

Juan Luis Garcia, a photographer and graphic designer, shows off the camera piñata he used to shoot promotional posters for the 20th San Diego Latino Film Festival in 2013.

Here are three people who might help Latinos strike it big in the American art scene