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Samir Langus performs

Moroccan musicians use traditional sounds to confront injustice

Moroccan musicians are using traditional sounds fused with international styles to preserve threatened cultures.

Carnival's festivities include the West Indian American Day parade, a colorful spectacle with plenty of history.

The wild magic of Caribbean Carnival is alive in Brooklyn

Fally Ipupa is shown live in New York on Labor Day 2015.

Surviving the pop apocalypse: A lesson from Congolese pop music

A studio

For Haitian radio stations seeking a place on New York’s airwaves — the options are borrow or steal

Protesters run as they are dispersed by police officers

Valedictorian — and rapper — finds herself at center of massive South African student protest

Fadimata Walet Oumar

Mali’s musicians endured a lot to keep doing what they love

Life in Mali is only now returning to normal, after violence erupted a couple years ago. But Mali’s musicians already knew what to do when times got tough.

Fadimata from the group Tartit during a discussion in Segou's Festival Sur le Niger.

Peace talks in Mali — at a music festival

The country’s north feels it’s long been neglected. Other regions feel the same way. People from all across met at the Festival Sur le Niger to air their grievances, but not fight about them.

Ngoni maestro Bassekou Kouyate performs at the Festival Acoustik de Bamako.

Photos: Mali’s holds its first, colorful, international music festival since its military crisis

Afropop returned to Mali and found traditional and contemporary music thriving at the Festival Acoustik de Bamako, in Mali’s capital.

Cover art for The Brasileiro Treasure Box of Funk and Soul

Review: A tasty slice of ’70s Brazilian soul and funk

As the weather gets colder, it’s time for some choice Brazilian music. Jesse Brent at Afropop Worldwide takes on a decade of funky gems.

Jim Reeves on the Grand Ole Opry, September 3, 1960.

Why American country legend Jim Reeves endures … in Nigeria

Nashville moved toward Reeves’ sound in the 1960s, then moved on. Africa’s most populous nation remains in his corner.