Patti Daniels

Supervising Producer

The World

Patti Daniels is The World's supervising producer.

As the supervising producer at The World, I aim to put together a daily program that connects listeners to compelling, important stories from around the globe and contextualizes major world events. Before coming to The World, I worked for years at Vermont Public Radio, where I fell in love with the thrill of live broadcast news and the satisfaction of helping listeners make sense of the world around them.

Alongside journalism, adventure in inconvenient places is my passion. I've wandered among Roman ruins in the Syrian desert, trekked for weeks at high altitude in the Himalaya and worked on an expedition ship in the Arctic. Anything Russia-related piques my interest, and makes me nostaglic for the years I spent immersed in post-Soviet civil society work. 

The best advice I ever received: "Fun isn't gonna walk up and say, 'have some.' You gotta make the fun."