Jane Little

Partnership editor for Across Women's Lives

The World

Jane Little is partnership editor for Across Women's Lives, PRI The World's coverage of how the status of women affects the well-being of society.

I’m thrilled to work once again with a great team of colleagues at PRI’s The World, this time on an ambitious new venture to examine how the status of women affects the overall well-being of society. It's a new beat called Across Women's Lives.

I was a graduate student in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when I started as a producer at the newly-launched show, PRI's The World. I learned my trade there and plied it later in London, where I created the role of Religious Affairs Correspondent for the BBC World Service. That job took me all over the world for a decade.

I then stayed in a studio for a while, hosting a variety of BBC radio current affairs programs, including Woman’s Hour, the well-loved daily program that explores life from a woman’s perspective.

But I couldn’t get America out of my system. I’ve lived there several times since those student days, worked as a BBC Washington Correspondent, hosted public events, consulted for academic organizations, written communications plans, done media training, made documentaries, and returned to PRI's The World to establish the role of Religion Editor.

I’m now back for a third stint, this time as partnership editor for Across Womens' Lives. I'll be working to engage people and organizations in this ground-breaking initiative to not just increase coverage of women, nor merely to highlight the many challenges they face (as important as those are), but to show the power and potential of women to move whole societies toward a better future.