Israel faces international pressure following killing of aid workers

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Humanitarian aid is airdropped to Palestinians over Gaza City, Gaza Strip on March 25, 2024.

The killing of seven international World Central Kitchen staff members in an Israeli strike has brought a firestorm of criticism upon Israel. US President Joe Biden called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do more to get humanitarian aid into Gaza. Israel responded by opening up a border crossing with the Gaza Strip. And, engineered quartz is the most popular choice for kitchen counters in many parts of the globe, including the US and Australia, but the tradespeople who cut and polish them are suffering from deadly silicosis. As of July 1, Australia will implement a complete ban on engineered stone. Also, since 2016, more than 500 women in Kenya have died in gender-related killings. While gender-based violence received national attention earlier this year, activists say interest in the issue has died down. Plus, Brazil’s Tropicália superstar Caetano Veloso is on tour. 

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