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Max Rivlin-Nadler is an investigative journalist for KPBS in San Diego.

Max Rivlin-Nadler is an investigative journalist whose reporting has appeared in outlets such as the New York Times, the New Republic, the Village Voice and National Public Radio. His reporting focuses on policing and immigration, and the intersection of both. 

rally for DACA

‘You hit this glass ceiling’: Undocumented US students returned to Mexico struggle to continue their college studies

On Course

Young Mexican citizens who return to Mexico — either voluntarily or through deportation — often find it difficult to continue their studies. Some give up, while others have to redo years of coursework just to get back to where they left off in the United States.

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Immigrant students settle with govt over fake university

On Course
Jacqueline Flores, left, holds hands with her daughter Nicky at their home in Virginia, July 14, 2021.

Pressure mounts for Biden to end Trump-era Title 42 that shuts out migrants seeking asylum 

Psychologist Sebastián Farías speaks with asylum-seekers inside a migrant encampment on Nov. 6, 2021. 

Migrants restricted from entering the US due to Title 42 see double standard

Three men in green suits stand on a small boat that says "Border Patrol" with an American flag in the middle

US Border Patrol launches new marine unit amid rise in maritime smuggling

A young migrant shows off his red "Haiti" cap in Tijuana.

Haitian asylum-seekers face discrimination in Tijuana migrant camp


While much of the focus along the border has been on the arrival of Central Americans seeking asylum, Haitians have also experienced violence, political instability and racism in their journey to border cities like Tijuana.

Nora Vargas is the newly elected vice chair of the powerful San Diego Board of Supervisors.

This Latina landed a seat on the powerful San Diego County Board of Supervisors — a first for her community

Every 30 Seconds

Latinos haven’t historically had representation on the board.

Three women related to each other stand together outside for a portrait wearing casual clothes and makeup.

Two sides of a Mexican American family show how identity and politics diverge

Every 30 Seconds

Marlene Herrera’s parents split up when she was young, and she divides her time between their households. While her father’s side supported Trump, her mother’s side mostly rooted for Biden.

Marlene Herrera in front of her home

First-time Latina voter in California: Trump puts ‘his people first’ at others’ expense

Every 30 Seconds

Marlene Herrera, 18, is casting her ballot for the first time in a US presidential election. In February, she was determined to make sure her vote mattered — and now, she feels it does. #Every30Seconds

Signs advertising the 2020 US Census cover a closed and boarded up business amid the coronavirus outbreak in Seattle, Washington, March 23, 2020.

For Latinos ineligible to vote, US census offers a path to political power

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The instability wrought by the pandemic could lead to census counts of historically undercounted Latino communities. Organizers are racing to get people to fill it out before the Sept. 30 deadline.