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In Uzbekistan, the race is on to sustain the world’s growing aquaculture industry

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Aquaculture heavily depends on a small creature called brine shrimp, whose natural habitats are under threat. Scientists believe the site of an environmental disaster in Uzbekistan can now help produce more shrimp to help feed the planet.

How do you save a vanishing lake? Kazakhstan has a plan.

The Big Fix

Scientists study why some of Central Asia’s glaciers are resilient to climate change

Workers in western Uzbekistan haul large bundles of cotton to a nearby truck.

‘Justice doesn’t exist here’: Uzbek farmers and cotton workers say abuse, exploitation continues despite reforms

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In Kyrgyzstan, a fight to keep alive the memory of a century-old rebellion against Russia

Cars queuing to cross the border into Kazakhstan at the Mariinsky border crossing, about (250 miles south of Chelyabinsk, Russia, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022.

Anti-war Russians who fled for safety now face deportation


More than a year after thousands of Russians who opposed the war fled abroad for safety, they now face deportation and other challenges in the countries that initially received them, such as Kazakhstan, Estonia and Georgia.

Armenian skyline with buildings and mountains

More Armenians in California are moving back to their parents’ native land


California is home to the largest Armenian diaspora. Since the end of the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, there’s been a reverse migration of children of Armenian migrants in the US back to Armenia. They’re starting businesses, getting jobs and moving back with their families to set up homes.

Students sit at the 2023 graduation ceremony inside the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

Afghan students in Central Asia set their sights on the US


When the Afghan government fell to the Taliban in 2021, hundreds of  students continued their education in Kyrgyzstan. As some students begin to graduate, many are hoping to relocate to the United States.

For more than a century, water from mineral springs in the Georgian town of Borjomi has been bottled and sold throughout the former Soviet Union. To this day, Borjomi remains a well-known brand from Kyiv to Kazakhstan.

Georgia’s famous Borjomi water company takes a hit during Russia-Ukraine war


Georgia’s beloved Borjomi mineral water can be found anywhere from Kyiv to Kazakhstan. But Russia’s war in Ukraine has hurt the company’s bottom line.

Zhemal Gamakharia, Chairman of Abkhazia’s Supreme Council, a regional-level parliament.

Georgian politicians from Russian-occupied Abkhazia run a ‘government-in-exile’


Many people living in Georgia  who fled Abkhazia in 1993 now say they are dissatisfied with the politicians in charge of their needs.