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Laura Spero is an independent producer, and founder of Jevaia International ( She has spent more than a decade in rural Nepal, where she has reported numerous radio stories and maintains a multimedia blog,, which features many — many — unreasonable accounts of her trying to help out as a subsistence farmer. Laura’s blog series Between Worlds looks at how labor migration is changing ritual mourning in Nepal, and explores the role of culture in grief and loss.

Bishnu Pande with Ayusha

Just like that: As number of widows grow, widowhood is changing in Nepal


Thousands of men leave Nepal every year to work abroad, mostly in Gulf states. They send money to their families — but sometimes they don’t return. And this is having deep repercussions for the women they leave behind.

Harimaya Subedi

Widowhood hard to transcend in tradition-bound Nepal

This buffalo in the village of Kaskikot, Nepal, survived last April's magnitude 7.8 earthquake, but an estimated 55,000 farm animals and nearly half a million domesticated birds did not. The losses were deeply felt in a place where livestock are often tho

For animals and their humans, love speeds the post-quake recovery in Nepal

Rubble stones organized for building.

In Nepal, one problem is the earthquake didn’t knock down enough houses


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