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Josh Coe is a producer for The World based in Boston. 

Josh Coe is a producer for The World based in Boston. He joins The World from The GroundTruth Project, where he worked on three seasons of the award-winning GroundTruth Podcast as well as edited and reported stories covering a range of topics including geopolitics, nuclear policy, immigration, the 2020 elections and extremism.His bylines can be found in English, German and Albanian-language publications such as The Boston Globe, The GroundTruth Project, Qiio Magazin and the Albanian Centre for Quality Journalism.Josh is a graduate of Emerson College, where he majored in Journalism and minored in both Global Studies and Creative Writing. He speaks German and can survive in French. 

A new study finds that scientists may be able to detect dementia sooner and faster

Health & Medicine

Dementia is a catch-all term for certain diseases affecting the memory of tens of millions of people. A new study finds that it might be possible now to detect dementia early and within minutes. The World’s host Carolyn Beeler speaks with Charles Marshall, the lead researcher for the study.

New book explores the world of unbuilt architecture

‘Dönerflation’: Outcry in Germany over rising cost of döner kebab

Frantz Fanon sitting at a table during a press conference

New book explores the life of psychiatrist and writer Frantz Fanon

Arts, Culture & Media
Tens of thousands of demonstrators fill Munich’s Ludwigstraße, one of the cities main boulevards, in protest against recent revelations about a meeting between members of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

‘I’m here to fight for democracy’: Tens of thousands protest against the far-right in Germany

In front of a floor-to-ceiling glass door in the living room of Najannguac Dalgård Christensen, necklaces with amulets carved out of bone and seal claws dangle from a coat hanger.

Healing old wounds: The revival of Greenlandic Inuit tattoos in Denmark

Lifestyle & Belief

Greenland’s Indigenous peoples once wore bold face tattoos that carried deep spiritual and cultural significance. But during the centuries of Denmark’s colonial rule, the Inuit tradition of getting face and hand tattoos disappeared. One Inuk tattoo artist is now reviving a piece of Inuit heritage for community members living in Denmark.

An illustration of a person holding a book

The writer who published a satirical magazine while hiding in a Dutch home during WWII

Global Satire

From 1943 to 1945, Curt Bloch, a German Jew, published the magazine “Het Onderwater Cabaret” from a crawl space in the Dutch home he was hiding in. His work is being featured next year in an exhibit at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

three white women outside laughing on a campus

Denmark pays students to go to college. But free education does have a price.

The price of higher ed

Borrowers in the US and the UK rack up the highest debt in the world. In Denmark, tuition is free and students are given grants to pay for things like food and housing. Hardly anyone takes out loans, but free education comes with a price.

Two members of DOVO, the Belgian military’s bomb disposal unit, remove a six-pound high explosive artillery shell produced in about 1917 from a farm field near Ieper, Belgium on Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023.

‘Iron harvest:’ A Belgian team unearths unexploded ammunition from WWI

Conflict & Justice

Shells, bombs and hand grenades are still found across Belgium on a daily basis. Every year, a special unit removes over 150 metric tons of unexploded ordnance.

The World

Rising ethnic tensions in Kosovo

Wagner Group

The trigger to all this might have been a new policy on license plates in Kosovo, but Ramadan Ilazi, head of research at the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies, says there’s much deeper roots to these tensions.