Habib Battah

Workers prepare meals at the Matbakh El Kell Community Kitchen in Beirut. The kitchen was set up in response to the Aug. 4 Beirut port explosion, and it now serves 2,500 free meals a day to those in need.

‘We need a rescue plan’: Hunger in Lebanon surges amid economic crises


Food prices have skyrocketed in Lebanon, and the World Food Program says an unprecedented number of people rely on humanitarian assistance to get by. Private charity groups say they are doing all they can but that it’s not enough to meet the demands.

Lawyer and activist Hussein El Achi helped found a group called Minteshreen that wants an end to Lebanon’s sectarian political system.

These activists want to end sectarian politics in Lebanon

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Twenty-four-year-old Abdel Ghani Ali Ghanoum works at a paper factory on the outskirts of Beirut. The economic crisis in Lebanon and the recent Saudi ban on Lebanese imported goods means he faces an uncertain future. He is considering taking a boat to Tur

‘We live paycheck to paycheck’: Workers at a paper factory in Beirut worry about making ends meet in a dire economy

Diala Attieh Younes, 39, washes dishes under candlelight in her kitchen in Beirut. She said her generator-supplied electricity bill has increased six folds since last year.

Lebanon’s electricity crisis means life under candlelight for some, profits for others