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Opinion: Saving more than 3,000 lives — Only the US can do it


Thousands of Iranian dissidents in Iraq are in danger. The US must keep its promise to protect them.

For some in France, US is world’s biggest problem


Costa Rica tries to go smoke-free


Canada uneasy about OxyContin phase-out


Mexico: social gaps go viral on YouTube videos

Russia’s anti-Putin activists worry as protest peters out


Smaller turnout calls into question the future of the movement against Vladimir Putin.

The Brazilian economy – what went wrong?

Brazil saw second-slowest growth since 2003. Analysts say not to worry.

Pope visits Mexico town where ending pregnancy means prison

Benedict skips liberal Mexico City in favor of a place where authorities even investigate women’s miscarriages.

Good news: Colombia and FARC rebels seek peace


So why are they stepping up the killing?

In Brazil, fallout from small oil spill risks big stain

Chevron and Transocean face criminal charges and hefty fines.