Brenna Daldorph

Brenna Daldorph is currently based in London, but she travels widely.

Brenna Daldorph is a Kansas girl now based in London after many years in Paris. She often reports on human rights and resilience among children and young people. In the past few years, she's reported from Kenya, the Central African Republic and Nigeria. More than anything else, she has a penchant for stories about people.    

Video still from the one-year vigil for Christopher Kapessa.

BLM brings new hope for Wales family seeking justice for Black teen’s death 

Last year, 13-year-old Christopher Kapessa, who was Black, drowned when a schoolmate allegedly pushed him into a river. Now, the global Black Lives Matter movement has given the family new hope the suspect will be prosecuted. 

Fi Carrick-Davies poses with Bola Fagbemi and her children Fathia, Aishat and Abdul-Qayyum Akintoyese after dropping off some food for them. Carrick-Davies and the family are extremely close. 

London school steps up to help vulnerable children banned from getting free school lunches

refill station

Meet the consultant who can help your business go zero waste

A woman stands on a sandy beach wearing a blue jacket with her hands in her pockets and her hair blowing in the wind.

Can UK communities go ‘plastic free’ with cultural shift?

mom and son and one of their chickens

Can you go plastic free? This London family did.

A woman samples food from a spoon.

Meet Nigeria’s small but growing vegetarian and vegan community


In Nigeria, many say being a vegetarian is just not … Nigerian. But a tiny, growing group is trying to promote a vegetarian — even vegan — diet.

Yusra, played by Rhianna Merralls, struggles to fall asleep in the play, "Wherever I Lay My Head," performed in London City Hall.

Chronic insomnia plagues young migrants long after they reach their destination

A recent performance of a play in London highlighted the struggles that young migrants face after they reach the UK. Many of them toss and turn, unable to sleep.

Fortuné, 16, used to have a spaghetti-and-coffee kiosk in Bangui. But it was dismantled one night. So now he's pinning his dreams on his singing group.

A teenager from the Central African Republic puts his faith in Divine Efficiency


It’s not easy to make it in the Central African Republic. But Fortuné, a teenage entrepreneur, keeps trying. His latest project is a singing group.

Inmates at Kamiti Maximum Prison in Kenya wait to vote.

In Kenya this month, prisoners voted for president for the first time ever


On Aug. 8, all across Kenya, people spent hours in long, chaotic lines waiting to cast their votes in the election. At the polling station inside Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, the scene was a bit different.

Kenyan rapper Octopizzo grew up in the Kibera slum and still has a house there. He has been speaking out against police violence he witnessed against protestors who congregated in the slum the day after the results of Kenya's election were announced.

After witnessing police shoot protesters, Kenyan rapper Octopizzo says ‘who will speak out if I don’t?’


Kenyan hip-hop artist Octopizzo says he witnessed police officers firing live bullets on protesters and bystanders in Kibera. Kenyan authorities deny that police used disproportionate force, but Octopizzo says he saw it for himself.