Andrew Meldrum

Nigeria News: State of emergency declared in 4 states

President Goodluck Jonathan vows to crush Islamic extremists Boko Haram

Senegal music icon Youssou N’Dour to run for president (VIDEO)

South Sudan News: 130 Doctors Without Borders staff missing

South Sudan News: Ethnic clashes must be solved in the long term

The Week Ahead: Republicans keep seeking a winner


Drug News: Holland bans khat leaves (VIDEO)

Chewing of khat can make you happy, but it can also lead to psychosis.

Nigeria Protests: Amnesty International urges police restraint

Rights group charges Nigeria police fire on peaceful protesters.

Norway News: Breivik psychiatric report published by Norway tabloid

Report shows Breivik believed that attack that killed 77 would spur anti-Islam revolution.

Week Ahead: Republicans will sling mud, European leaders talk up the euro


South Carolina will bring out the dirty side of the GOP primaries. Euro leaders talk to shape up currency.

Nigeria: Crises could make the country stronger

Fuel protests and extremist violence have same cause: corrupt government.