Andrea Brody

To the Point

Andrea Brody is a writer and producer on the PRI radio news show To The Point.

People inspect a damaged site after airstrikes

Syrian holdouts struggle under attack by regime and Western-backed forces


Daily life in parts of Syrian is violent, with attacks by forces aligned with the Syrian regime, as well as by forces aligned with the West.

Captain Richie McCaw of New Zealand holds up the Webb Ellis Cup after winning the Rugby World Cup Final against Australia at Twickenham in London. New Zealand won by 34-17.

Update: The world’s ‘winningest’ team captures another Rugby World Cup

Heroin injection

A police chief who helps, not jails, heroin addicts

Graduates of a prison computer coding class at work inside San Quentin, in California.

Should we let more prisoners take college classes?

Mealworm dish in a Yunan Restaurant

A Dutch supermarket is bringing edible insects into the mainstream


Are we actually pushing Russia further away by shining such an intense spotlight on its questionable practices?

Lifestyle & Belief

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have put a spotlight on Russian practices that don’t comport with the rights and freedoms generally accepted in the west. But a Russian-born educator, who spent a long time living and working in the US after being forced out by the Soviet government, says we’re not really helping move Russia forward.