Adriana Balsamo-Gallina


What it’s like to be a Muslim in Trump’s America


Many are concerned about how President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign statements will translate into concrete policies, especially as it pertains to minorities.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem says Donald Trump won’t be her president

US President-elect Donald Trump greets supporters

Portraits of ‘Trump America’ missed almost all of the nuance

A sample ballot

Guam’s voters tend to predict the presidency — but they have no say in the Electoral College

Global Politics
Black Lives Matter Minnesota protests

Big cities seek racial justice this election season

Global Politics
Voters stand in line in a lobby

In the African American South, a holistic approach to fighting poverty


Poverty and education remain the defining issues for largely African America communities in this country.

The face of a carved wooden bear

Homelessness is a growing problem in communities on the fringes of American big cities


Homelessness has traditionally been considered a big city problem, but no longer. Those and other issues feature heavily in this election.

Erik Starn, 24, a West Chester University senior

Despite a lack of racial diversity, there are still issues of integration in America’s College Towns


College towns are often thought of as liberal, diverse places. But that’s not always true, and issues of integration continue to be an issue.

The execution chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence is shown.

A former executioner has become a leading advocate for ending the death penalty


Vengeance, he says, does not make good public policy.

A Wells Fargo Bank

California takes steps to punish Wells Fargo for its fake account scandal


Wells Fargo serves a massive portion of the American population — so its fake account scandal reaches across the country. California recently imposed stiff penalties on Wells Fargo.