Screenshot from Rapémathematiques

What rhymes with isosceles triangle? This French math teacher has the answer.


Antoine Carrier, a middle school teacher in Bordeaux, southwest France, stays up late many nights, pen in hand, crafting math rhymes. Online, tens of thousands of kids know him as A’Rieka, the rapping math teacher. 

Image from a poster depicting a toucan at the new exhibition, "Imaginary Amazon," at the University of San Diego, featuring works by contemporary artists, many of them Indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon. 

‘Imaginary Amazon’ exhibition counters negative stereotypes through contemporary art

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In this Aug. 9, 1945, file photo, a giant column of smoke rises after the second atomic bomb ever used in warfare explodes over the Japanese port town of Nagasaki, Japan.

‘Oppenheimer’ film ‘fails’ to show devastation of atom bombs in postwar Japan, critics say

Marco Werman and Carolyn Beeler, co-hosts, "The World."

The World adds co-host to public radio’s longest-running global news program

People gather during the Kanua film festival in Ecuador.

Film festival makes its way through Ecuador’s Amazon by boat

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A pink sign in the forefront of a largely female crowd that reads in Spanish "Swiftie No Vota Milei"

In Argentina, ‘Swifties Don’t Vote For Milei’


Just days before the presidential elections in Argentina, Taylor Swift fans wanted to make sure their voices were heard. Pink posters with the caption: “Swifties Don’t Vote for Milei” were spotted all around the country’s biggest stadium, where the pop star recently performed three sold-out concerts. Javier Milei is a far-right libertarian candidate who has proposed radical changes if elected.

Lt. Col. Manuel E. Lichtenstein interacts with children in southern Italy, 1945.

American World War II doctor in Italy captures scenes of wartime beyond the front lines 


Lt. Col. Manuel E. Lichtenstein was a doctor in southern Italy during World War II. He met with top generals and won prestigious awards. Stories about his three harrowing years there were passed down in his family. But an old box of photos he took — of simple moments with everyday people — reveal a different view of life during wartime, away from the front lines.

Yahritza Martinez and her two guitar-playing brothers make up the trio Yahritza Y Su Esencia.

Mexican American teen star sings on after heated controversy with Mexican audiences


Yahritza Martinez, 16, went from apple picking in rural Washington, to becoming a TikTok sensation and chart-topping musician. But her career nearly came to a halt after her comments about Mexico went viral. Despite the controversy, Martinez played at a major Mexican Independence Day concert in Mexico City — but some fans were not yet ready to embrace her.

Cast members perform during a rehearsal of the opera "Monkey: A Kung Fu Puppet Parable" at the Emerson Paramount Center in Boston, Sept. 20, 2023.

A modern take on an ancient Chinese folk tale

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The new opera, “Monkey: A Kung Fu Puppet Parable,” had its world premiere in Boston over the weekend. The story is based on an ancient Chinese folk tale and uses modern and diverse cultural elements to create a unique rendition of the popular fable.

Screenshot from "Cape Flats Kung Fu" by Eavesdrop.

‘Planet Hip Hop’: The music will always be the voice of the people, Samy Alim says

Planet Hip Hop

As we wrap up “Planet Hip Hop,” our summer series celebrating 50 years of hip-hop music around the world, H. Samy Alim returns to talk with host Marco Werman about the next 50 years. Alim is an anthropology professor and the director of the Hip Hop Initiative at UCLA.