Colombia joins efforts to boycott Israel — but other countries in the region take a more cautious approach 

Israel-Hamas war

Countries across Latin America are increasing their support for Palestinians as the current war between Israel and Hamas continues. Some leaders in the region have described the conflict as an uneven fight between a powerful nation and a group of people that is struggling to obtain its independence.

US army official resigns over ‘unqualified’ US support for Israel’s war in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

These Israelis are trying to counter other Israelis blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

‘They’ve hidden the past from us’: New bill in Honduras seeks to rectify 1980s human rights violations

Human rights

Why the US still does not recognize the International Criminal Court

Israel-Hamas war

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for leaders from Hamas and Israel

Israel-Hamas war

The top prosecutor at the International Criminal Court today announced a request for arrest warrants for top leaders from both Hamas and the Israeli government. Karim Khan said that he has reason to believe that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with the Israeli defense minister, and three top leaders from Hamas all “bear criminal responsibility” for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

Once the epicenter of hydraulic engineering, Mexico City is now running out of water


Water supplies in Mexico City are at a historic low due to low rainfall, rising temperatures and outdated infrastructure. The World’s Tibisay Zea reports on the paradox of a sinking, thirsty city that was once surrounded by lakes.

Darjeeling is nestled amid lush tea gardens and overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas in India’s northeast. But landscapes like these pose challenges while conducting elections.

What it takes to pull off the world’s largest election in India


Election officials spread out across India to set up voting booths in some of its most remote corners of the country. It’s to ensure, by law, that no voter is farther than 1.25 miles from a polling station. Poll workers haul precious cargo — braving extreme weather and difficult terrain — to make sure everyone votes.

Extortion and predatory lending have skyrocketed in Peru

Cases of extortion in Peru shot up 370% between 2021 and 2023. That represents close to a fivefold increase in just two years, with the trend continuing into 2024.

A view of Paris, France, with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the distance.

20 years after France’s hijab ban, the issue remains divisive

Women & Gender

Two decades ago, France introduced a law banning the hijab and other religious symbols in public schools. Today, with French athletes prohibited from wearing any religious items while competing at the summer’s Olympic Games in Paris, the issue is more divisive than ever.