Lizbeth Mateo at US-Mexico border

How this undocumented lawyer is breaking more ground with no safety net


“I think it’s more important than ever to be open about who we are,” says Lizbeth Mateo, who made news this month for being one of the few undocumented residents to be named to a statewide post in California.

Magali Torres

For one immigrant in Florida, a DACA fix would mean ‘peace of mind’

Erick Silva Palacios

Young, undocumented and trying to ‘keep my sanity’

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Nunes, phone

How a community in Ohio is stepping up when deportations split families


California’s undocumented workers help the economy grow – but may pay the cost


Weighing the risks of a ‘sanctuary’ campus


With some students worrying more about deportation, the pressure on campuses to declare themselves safe spaces is intensifying. But not everyone is on board.

A train in a green field with someone standing on the top of a car

Advocates suggest another option for US-bound Central Americans: Stay and work in Mexico


Mexico is becoming a destination for Central American migrants who apply for “humanitarian” visas to avoid deportation and secure employment. But the promise of higher-paid work in the US remains a powerful lure.

A girl receives anti-measles vaccination drops in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Mass national vaccination campaigns against measles and polio are common in much of the developing world.

A Nigerian writer mocks US disease concern, saying that Africa should screen Americans for measles


The wildly popular tweet was aimed at a nation that stigmatized all Africans during the Ebola outbreak. While the US government recommends all its citizens get inoculations, including one for measles, many states allow exemptions for personal or philosophical concerns. Immigrants, however, don’t enjoy that choice.