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The America that most Americans never see


The Interior Department, responsible for the 59 national parks, has an extremely popular Instagram feed to share the beauty that the parks hold. And it’s a good thing, a lot of us don’t ever get to see the parks. One thing is certain if you’ve been to a national park recently — they are a huge draw for international tourists. Here are 20 amazing photos featured on the Interior’s Instagram.

A pair of gray wolves in an undated file photo that were moved from the Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, wolf refuge, to a new refuge in northern New Jersey.

How success saving the gray wolf may backfire on environmentalists


Looming budget cuts imperil National Park system

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What’s behind the grizzly bear attacks in Yellowstone?


The Super-Rich Look to Cultivate the Serengeti of Montana

Yellowstone, One Hundred Years Ago

Diane Smith’s novel, Letters from Yellowstone, traces a fictional scientific journey into Yellowstone Park in 1898 and the experiences of a young female botanist, Alex. Ms. Smith speaks with host Steve Curwood about her novel and its relevance to the park today.

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Yellowstone River Threat

Jyl Hoyt from member station KBSX in Boise, Idaho, reports on threats to the future of the Yellowstone River. Stretches of riverfront in Montana are being lined with hard walls and boulders to protect new homes from flooding. But these barriers are threatening the river’s natural flow.

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Yellowstone Bioprospecting

Jyl Hoyt of member station KBSX reports on the controversy over the search for valuable genetic material in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Three groups successfully challenged a deal to allow what’s known as “bioprospecting” in the park.

Sparing Yellowstone Bison: An Update

In winter, the migratory bison herds which reside in Yellowstone Park often follow snowmobile trails out of park boundaries foraging for grass away from the snowy plateaus. In recent years, bison that wander off park grounds have been shot by Montana State rangers, fearing the animals might spread the disease brucellosis (broo-cell-LOW-sis) to cattle. After […]

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Grizzly Politics

In the long-running battles over the Endangered Species Act, politics has always been at least as important as preservation. And it’s no different today. Congress is now considering major changes to the law, and the Clinton Administration is responding by moving to take a number of species OFF the Endangered Species List. Interior Secretary Bruce […]