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Zoom weddings: A blessing in disguise?


With friends and family spread out across the globe, perhaps a Zoom wedding is the only way to really have everyone present — in pandemic times or not.

Schoolchildren wave British flags in a garden just days before the next royal wedding.

In the US, fairy-tale royal weddings clash with reality

The World

An Irish priest wows wedding guests with his version of ‘Hallelujah.’ Now he has a record contract.

Oliver's TRavels offering rain-free weddings

A British travel company offers a rain-free wedding day


Some Chinese couples are telling their parents, ‘Hands off our wedding!’

Arts, Culture & Media

Peru government urges couples to wed, makes it easier with mass ceremonies

Development & Education

Peru’s marriage rate is comparatively low, something that’s caught the attention of local officials. In order to turn it around, which officials have linked with improving local infrastructure and the local economy, officials are throwing mass wedding ceremonies and inviting long-time couples to attend.

Lima Officials Urging Marriage, Many Getting Hitched at Mass Ceremonies

Global Politics

Local officials in Lima are urging people to get married, which they say will lead to a more stable society. Officials are even sponsoring mass weddings. Annie Murphy went to one in the capital.

Technology’s Changing Role Within Courtship & Weddings

Sometimes in our digital age, it can feel like very few big moments in life are left unrecorded, whether by email, text or tweet. But how does all of this new technology fit into events that are considered to be inherently traditional. How, for example, does it work in a wedding? WNYC’s New Tech City […]

Online bridal business sells canceled weddings

The financial investment and hours of planning that go into a wedding might prevent some from canceling their special day. But a new online business hopes to lessen the financial burden by buying canceled weddings and re-selling them to the last-minute or thrift-minded bride and groom.

Popularity of ‘white weddings’ surges in Japan, leads to shortage of officiants

Many Japanese women look forward to having a Western-style, Christian wedding ceremony — because they like the pageantry of it all. But as they become more popular, there aren’t enough caucasian ministers, deemed essential to the true “white wedding,” to conduct them all.