War on Drugs

Men place their hands over their heads as they are rounded up during a continuing "war on drugs" police campaign of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Manila, Philippines, Oct. 7, 2016. 

A rare murder conviction in the Philippines reveals a ‘broken’ justice system

Conflict & Justice

Since former President Rordrigo Duterte launched his so-called “war on drugs” in 2016, convictions of law enforcement officers have been rare. But the recent murder conviction of former police officer Jeffrey Perez shows signs of justice and accountability in the overburdened courts.

authorities standing in a circle

Could Colombia’s incoming president legalize cocaine?

Conflict & Justice
Protesters shout and wear a colorful boat on their heads with the words "oust Duterte" painted on it.

Federalism in violence: Part I

Critical State
A man and a woman fill out forms with Mexican passports in the frame

Nixon and Reagan tried closing the border to pressure Mexico — here’s what happened

Close up of cannabis plants seen in a greenhouse at the headquarters of AGES agency in Vienna, Austria.

Thailand approves medical pot in small step away from US-backed drug war

Health & Medicine
coca leaves in a man's hands in Colombia

A push to legalize coca leaf production in Colombia

Coca leaf, the substance used to make cocaine, should be legalized in Colombia in order to aid the peace process and help grow the country’s economy, a new report argues.

A portrait of inmate Carmela Rodriguez Reyes in Mexico.

Women filling Mexico’s prisons are the ‘lowest rungs of the drug trade’


The number of women going to jail in Mexico is on the rise. Many are single moms trying to support their families.

Remy Fernandez

The Catholic Church defies Philippine President Duterte


Amidst a state-sanctioned drug war that has stoked fear and silenced dissent, the Catholic Church is emerging as possibly the only institution strong enough to stand up to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

There are close to 1,100 patients at Manila's Bicutan Rehabilitation Center, double its maximum capacity.

How to rehabilitate addicts in the Philippines’ vicious drug war?


At least 7,000 suspected drug users and pushers have been killed in the Philippines since July. Some include people who voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. The fear is reverberating throughout the country’s rehabs.

Thai meth

Thailand is moving closer to decriminalizing meth


Seemingly out of nowhere, the typically rigid Thai junta is spouting soft views on narcotics that fall somewhere to the left of many Colorado stoners.