Shown in the Spanish language are "He Votado Hoy" stickers or "I voted today" at a polling place in Philadelphia.

Texas candidates battle for Hispanic vote in US midterm elections


In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Democrat Beto O’Rourke have spent more than $9 million combined in purchasing Spanish-language media advertisements to appeal to voters.

Supporters of Austrian far right Freedom Party (FPOe) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer hold images of his face in Vienna, Austria.

The European Union may be fragile, but it’s not cracking up just yet

Man posing for camera, wearing suit

I know you voted for Trump for a better future. But please don’t forget my future.

Black and white photo of man standing in room

‘When I vote next week, I will be saying loud and clear, this is also my country.’

People sitting at a bar with a screen showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton above

Texas is now a swing state, but here’s why these voters are sticking with Trump

Election 2016
Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Little Haiti

Clinton’s complicated history in Haiti has some voters saying, why vote at all?

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During Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump referenced his trip to Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, likening the city to the Caribbean country, saying that people there “hate the Clintons because what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation.” Clinton defended the foundation’s work, comparing its accomplishments to those of the Trump Foundation’s. It underscored the complicated feelings about Clinton among Haitian-Americans.

Woman holding up anti-Trump sign to to other women

What it looks like to become a US citizen in a contentious election year

Election 2016

There’s a long backlog of people who want to become citizens in order to vote in the November election. And the battle is on to get them registered by deadlines that are quickly approaching.

Three women protesting, with t-shirts and signs

Latinos in Arizona are helping make it a swing state — but not just because of Trump


A history of tough-on-immigration policies have galvanized Latinos in the state for years. And now they’re registering to vote in big numbers.

Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton wave before the start of the Univision News and Washington Post Democratic debate in Kendall, Florida on March 9, 2016

Democratic candidates: Quit your ‘Hispandering,’ says Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas

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During Wednesday’s Democratic debate, the anchor and moderator called out Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on previous stances on immigration, and how they’ve changed.