Visa policy of the United States

The US Embassy in Delhi, India, where visas are processed for Indian nationals to work and study in the United States. 

Visa delays dash ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities for students, workers in India

The price of higher ed

Getting visas to travel to the US has never been easy for people of certain nationalities. But pandemic closures made visa processing delays extend to a year or more. Now consulates are staffed up again, but as Sushmita Pathak reports from New Delhi, substantial delays remain because of large numbers of visa applicants.

A college campus

Visa rules are restricting the future of international students in the US

Two men shake hands and a woman smiles while holding their arms.

Veteran Palestinian negotiator Hanan Ashrawi is denied a visa to the US

Global Politics
A man holds his face in his hands as two young boys lay on a bed

US immigrant visa denials skyrocket under ‘back door’ public charge rule change

Mahmood Salem and four of his children on a visit to Djibouti in November 2017.

‘There is real suffering’: How the travel ban is tearing some families apart

DHS bus

The complicated reasons why some people overstay their US visas


For some people, overstaying their visa was never the plan. Rather, it is the result of one, or several, extenuating circumstances that convince immigrants they cannot or do not want to return to their countries.