Two girls in casual attire at home

How a US education is already paying off for some

International students don’t qualify for federal financial aid, and they pay much higher fees at state schools. However, for a group of young Indian science and engineering students getting their master’s degrees at San Jose State University, the shot at opportunities and high future earnings are worth it. KQED reporter Madi Bolaños says their cramped shared apartment has not dampened their spirits.

Inside of a bike shop with a large American flag in sunlight

Nantucket businesses struggle without seasonal summer workers 

Someone waves goodbye to a bus and a speech bubble says "Bye! Have fun with grandma!" in this cartoon.

A family tries to immigrate to the US, but first, they must live separate lives

A woman is leaning on a fence, gazing over the water toward the Statue of Liberty

Follow along: Forms, fees and an interview for a US Diversity Lottery Program ‘winner’

In this cartoon, a frowning boy in a pointed birthday hat sits in front of a cake with '21' written on it.

You’re a young student and your visa is tied to your parents. You’re about to age out. What do you do next?

Omid Moghimi and his wife Dorsa Razi.

For those whose US visas hadn’t yet been finalized, the future is uncertain


President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigrants and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries has put many documented immigrants in a legal limbo — but what about those people who were still in the process of getting their US visas when the ban went into effect?

Demonstrators protest President Donald Trump's travel ban outside Philadelphia International Airport.

This Trump voter is stunned to find her Syrian relatives deported


Sarmad Assali, an Orthodox Christian in Allentown, Pennsylvania, supported Donald Trump for president. She was stunned this weekend when his refugee and immigration restrictions meant her relatives were deported back to Damascus.

Niki Rahmati, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Iran, is greeted by immigration attorney Susan Church (R) at Logan Airport in Boston, MA.

The number of international students coming to the US has steadily risen. Will Trump reverse the trend?


Last year, 17,354 international students arrived in the US from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, with dreams of higher education. What will happen this year?

A U.S. flag hangs over fake palm trees inside the compound of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in 2011.

Translators who worked for the US military in Iraq wonder if their American dream is slipping away


Anxiety is running high for Syrians in the US after President Trump’s proposed refugee ban might prevent family reunifications.

Thanksgiving in Hibbing, Minnesota with the family of Korean-American author Marie Myung-Ok Lee.

A mundane Thanksgiving can be the ideal holiday gift

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Her parents survived war and upheaval in Korea. Then they embraced bland Thanksgiving rituals in an effort to give their kids a predictable, safe vision of their future.